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johnfarnworth - (1/8/2013 10:33:08 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20
I am surprised that this thread has had so few views.  Do people have a prejudice against the M-H 12-20s????!!!!!

Anyway not to be down hearted I thought I would put our family archive photos of my Grandad's 12-20 on here.  They are actually photos taken and mounted for him by the Massey-Harris company who were based just two miles away from the farm.  Being so near the factory my Grandad was often asked to test tractors and implements for a year or so for the company and told to break them if he could.  As a results of his monitoring of their performance modifications were made before they were widely placed on the British market.  One example of this was the grass mowers which had to have their knife speed increased to cope with our much thicker crops than those found in N America.


The shots show my Dad on the binder and Tommy Moss driving the 12-20.  My uncle (Dad's younger brother) can be seen in short trousers and hands behind his back.  In the background you can see the original Barton coal fired power station with its many low chimneys.  These caused so much local pollution (soot, soil acidification) that the power authority was forced to pull them down and replace them with two very tall ones which got the muck up into the higher atmosphere out of the way.

You can see the men "stooking" the sheaves - it's a crop of wheat - and in one shot you can see the stooks capped with two inverted sheaves to protect them from rain by shedding the rain off.