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jwb53 - (1/3/2013 8:27:46 PM)
RE:New Years Day Start up and Road Run.
Well...  It has never been a tradition around here, but I thought about it this year.  Didn't get home from the New Year's Eve party until 4:00 am, so wasn't up early.  I looked out across the snow at the barn several times during the afternoon while watching football bowl games. 

I'm quite certain the Pacemaker Orchard would have started, as I had it running on a cold day in November without any issue.  But, I couldn't have gotten it out for a drive without getting my truck and trailer out, and I hadn't cleared the entire barnlot of the 16" of snow, so that didn't seem reasonable.  Then I though I could go out and plug in the coolant heater on the 1150, which is first out the door on the north end of the barn.  Thought it might make a good photo in the snow.  But, alas, next thing I knew it was 6:00 pm and quite dark.

Maybe next year.   ;-)

Happy 2013!