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JoePoncelet - (5/17/2012 8:42:54 AM)
RE:tractor design faults

You have to look at things on the bright side, with that distributer stuck way up there under the hood you can work in the rain without getting the wires wet and misfireing....

Yes you are right there are some flaws like the extreamly high PTO shaft on the 44s I bent the shaft on my planter twice this week just planting my 20 acre field.

Then they got smart and lowered it down on the 333-444s that was great but now the belt pulley runs all the time and you have to wait until the belt pulley stops to shift gears or grind it into gear. It is not so bad if you remove the belt pulley and cap it off but if you want to belt up to something it is a hassel to remove the cap and put the pulley on every time.