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MalcolmRobinson - (5/3/2012 7:41:02 AM)
RE:British Wallis

Talking about the two styles of British Wallis and you noticing the serial numbers are so close together. We know there are several survived in Australia and New Zealand, together with the four in UK now and one still in Ireland, (20 as per David Parfitt's register). the mjority of these tractors are the later model with flat bonnet (hood), my personal view is that the early sloping bonnet (hood) tractor had a much smaller size of radiator with less coolant capacity and when the tractor was worked hard they boiled, I am sure that brought on the re design and larger taller radiator, just as we saw with the US Model K  tin top radiator being replaced with the larger capacity "high top" cast iron radiator.

The sack on the platform of the tractor contained a few useful steering parts etc, didn't see any gold in there Joe!! as you say would not take too much to get her back to how she left the factory, the hardest and almost  impossible part to find will be the carburetor, although I do have the blueprint drawing of the carburetor, so who knows possibly a new one could be made??  Robert Crawford's tractor was missing the carb too, he could not locate one and fitted a brass Ensign from an early I-H tractor.