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Tseaberg - (4/3/2013 6:15:19 PM)
RE:Massey 201, 202 and 203 tractors
Hi Graham, That is not a bad 203. Looks like and earlier one.

I also have to log in everytime I go on the site. My new computer has a fingerprint reader so no typing to log in!

Okay now back to the tractors!
This is a friends 201. Very interesting tractor. It is and Early 1940. The frame casting date is two days after serial number one 201, so its early. The serial number is the first odd feature. #99501. Shows up on no official records that I have found, other than a small reference in the 203 operators manual. I don't have a picture but in the spec page of the 203 operator mnual it lists serial number range 98001-99500. Now I would venture to guess this would be the first of whatever it is?
I say whatever it is because there is many odd things about it. The frame has been modified, gas tank has extra original fittings and a couple seem to be for fuel returns?

so here is the pictures what do you guys think? I know what I think, but have no proof.