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johnfarnworth - (6/10/2013 2:05:46 AM)
RE:Massey's around the UK Shows in 2013.
This weekend we were at the Newby Hall tractor rally in Yorkshire over in the east of England.  There were some interesting Massey "family" tractors there which are shown below.

- Julie and Pater Browning's vineyard grey gold Ferguson 35 diesel
- a well restored Ferguson Brown
- a nice Mk 1 65 with a Winsam cab - a popular cab for this tractor
- a lovely MF 175 - these are now quite thin on the ground
- an MH 203 unfortunately fitted with a P6 engine - will the owner ever get an original Continental for it.  This conversion was often made to make them more economic to run
- a good original 44 Special
- a well restored MH 744 diesel but unfortunately the red was far too orangey