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MasseyH - (7/10/2013 8:20:23 PM)
RE:Illinois State Show
Hi Malcolm,

I thought I had a good pic of the serial number on the 25 but it is not as good as I thought.  I will get another one tomorrow.  It has returned to Penfield and is sitting beside its buddy the Wallis.

As for Harry's Pulverator plow I talked to Harry about the colors and he had asked several people with no real conclusionas to red, green or gray so he just had it painted gray.  I don't think he found any gray paint but was happy with the gray results.  His gray and Jansen's Wallis were matched nearly perfect!!  He said the painter mixed a gallon of gray and a quart of black and that is what it came out as!!  No paint codes, chips, just a guess!!

There are a couple GPs here as well.  One with full original tag the other with a repro tag. 

There is also a very nice looking gray MH tractor here.  It is labeled I-330.  Sign says it is the only one known  to exist!!  I really like it!!  DUH!!

More pics tomorrow.