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Posted: 12/14/2012 10:24:56 PM

Fred Hendricks Auction

If you read Toy Farmer and vintage tractor magazines, Fred Hendricks is a regular contributor talking about people he has met along the collecting road.  He, himself has a very impressive collection of custom made 1/6th scale and pedal tractors.  This spring Fred intends to share his collection with everyone else by offering them up for sale in a public auction conducted by Kurt Aumman.

This will be another opportunity for collectors to expand their collections and bid on toys you have never send before. 

Posted below is a flyer for the auction or you can go to

Thanks for looking


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Posted: 4/8/2013 6:52:42 AM

RE:Fred Hendricks Auction

Just wondered if any MCA members went to the sale and added any Massey toys to their collections last Saturday?

Hope we see some photographs and prices of how it all went?


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Posted: 4/8/2013 5:44:19 PM

RE:Fred Hendricks Auction

Now Malcolm, you know I would not miss an auction like this!!!  I sat all day beside Mr. JWB and he did a nice job keeping his hand in the air.  Unfortunately for us both the champaign items did not fit in either of our beer budgets!!  I think he finally bought the Reuhl wheel disk and I bought the older repaint MH pedal trailer that would go behind an older MH pedal tractor.  I also bought a JD Collector Center tractor just because it was at the end and I bought it right.

I know your southern neighbor has some stuff in my truck ready for shipment.  I think it includes a custom 555 pedal tractor, a Teeswater RCAF 81, and some other nice custom tractors.  When we finally get him on the web site maybe he will share with us!!

I did try to buy a Patterson reproduction small frame pedal tractor but it got too rich for my blood!! Finally ended at $1500.00. 

Two other highlights would have been the pedal sized SP MH corn picker and small frame repro MH pedal tractor with a 2 row New Idea mounted picker.  They were working models set up with a battery operated drill to run the snapping rollers and elevators. Both sold for $7,000.00 each!!!  Some of the other custom pedals were bringing upwards to $3,000.00.  A custom 1/16th scale SP MH corn picker went for $3,400.00!! 

Lots of nice unique items there but there were also lots of people wanting them much worse than I (and John)!!!


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