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bobketelboeter - (12/29/2012 6:09:38 AM)
RE:333 Head and Tail Lights
a farmall rear light will work, there is  a spacer on the stud i took a 3/4 drill bit and cut into the bottom of it so it woul fit the bracket better and cut the stud to lenght.  the fronts are hard to come by, the bulbs are impossible.  i made a bulb that works just fine.  i took a normal 4-3/4 reflector, lens and bulb(steiner sells or one from a farmall).  i took the reflector and soderd a ground strap to the  back where the spring is and then on the outer edge for the reflector i sliced the edge in 1/4" sections(the smaller the cuts the easier it bent) placing the lens on the reflector i bent the tabs up the lens.  gary in mn makes the rubber for around it all.  i will post pics in the next couple of days.  no one will tell if this is not original other than the wording on the lens. if you need further help you can give me number and i will call you.  good luck