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MasseyH - (3/31/2013 7:02:13 PM)
RE:RCAF Tractors
I am pretty sure the 81 went to Texas, and as previously reported, one of our own in the UK has the 82 and being well maintained.

For the others, I am probably more skeptical than most (just ask ChrisA, LOL!!) But I need documentation before I can really justify what some of these tractors are and came from.  After I brought out the I-330 ther were several people saying they had one "just like that one." In most cases, it was the "I-244" or something completely different.

I am sure government entities bought several different tractors for local use or state use but to call them military tractors need to have some documentation to go with them.  Brass tags, manuals, shipping papers, etc.

Even the RCAF 81 and 82 had pictures of them coming out of the factory.  We have pics of the I-162 coming out of the factory and shipping information on them as well.  I even have an original parts manual for the I-330 (thank you, Steve333). (who would have thought MH would have made a parts manual for only 6 tractors!!  Maybe their plans were greater than the Navy's plans!?!?!?) 

Show me some documentation and I can quickly become a believer on just about anything!!