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JoePoncelet - (4/14/2013 7:49:02 PM)
Great Planting
For many years we have been looking for a piece of property to possibly do another Great Planting. It has been brought to my attention that Jim & Barbara Esbenshade of Colbert, Oklahoma could possibly be interested in letting us use 100+ acres to do this in 2015.

Jim & Barbara have been hosting a show at their place for quite some time now and in June of 2014 they will be featuring Massey Harris so it would be a great time for people to meet them and get the layout of the place for a Great Planting the fowling year.

I am posting this here as just a start of a discussion to see if people reading this would be willing to go that far for a Great Planting???? I really see no reason why not as last time we had people from over 1,000 miles away.

Jim is a very buisy man so the spokes person with all the answers for this is William Weber if you have any questions you can email him at

Please let us know what you think of this Idea Keep in mind nothing is in stone yet.