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Tseaberg - (5/30/2013 8:02:53 PM)
Massey Harris Foldout Advertisements
I have always been a fan of Massey advertising and have a special interest in the foldout ad's produced and distributed through the dealers in the 20's, 30's and 40's. Through the years they made hundreds of different type foldouts and they are all numbered from what I have been able to figure out. One day I had thought it would be neat to have them all but due to the large number of different ad's I think we will be lucky to just see an example of each, So I thought I would start a thread listing the ad's that I have and maybe other's will join in. I only have about 20 of them so far so less than 10%.

Here is the lowest number I have which is called out as "Form No. Adv. 20" this ad covers the #3 Massey Plow.