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MasseyH - (1/31/2012 5:27:14 PM)
RE:Massey-Harris Wrenches
Hi Alan,

Glad to see you got things worked out to get on the web site!! 

Folks - Alan is being a little modest about his wrench venture.  He has an extensive list already created and hopes to put it in a user friendly format so you all can have a reference guide to the wrenches related to Massey items.  Most of them he has cross-referenced with the implement they came with and work on.  Over 200 wrenches and counting.  Many with pictures.

If you have Massey related tools and wrenches please check with Alan.  Send him a pic of the wrench and how you found it.  If you know someone you collects them let him know as well!!

This will be a great reference guide for us all when it is completed.  Lots of work and time before anyone will see it but your help will be appreciated.