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johnfarnworth - (3/24/2014 1:57:33 PM)
RE:Massey Harris Bicycles
Major Taylor goes down in the annals of Massey bicycle history.  He was a celebrated African-American rider named Marshal "Major" Taylor (1878-1932).  Canada hosted the World Racing Cycle Chamionship in 1899 in Montreal.  Taylor was born in Indianapolis and made his name as a teenager performing cycling stunts outside a bicycle shop dressed in soldier's uniform.  The Canadian event was to be his first time outside the USA. 12,000 people watched him take the championship.

He went on to become the most widely celebrated and highest paid rider in the world.

In 1902 he went to Ottawa for a race in the summer but his bicycle was lost in transit.  He spotted a William Morton from Toronto with a bicycle similar to his own and asked if he might borrow it.  Morton obliged saying that if he won it would make a superb souvenir for him  Taylor duly won.

Following this success CCM approached him about the possibility offering a similar model for the upcoming tour of Australia.  They offered him a £1000 retainer for 3 months which he accepted and he additionally won substantial prize monies.  CCM's investment paid off in that 20,000 people watched the race.

Morton continued his relationship with CCM and went on to become one of Canada's most succesful cyclists.  He went on to coach Candian teams for the Olympics.

Perhaps this gives some background to the bicycle now on offer on e bay.   Massey and Massey CCM bicycles were sold in Australia and New Zealand.