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johnfarnworth - (9/10/2012 5:40:05 AM)
M-H's darkest hour
I've just come across two old photos from Germany.  The first German MH plant established in Westhoven started production in 1928.  On May 30/31  and July 3/4 of 1942 the British Royal Air Force bombed the factory and on the second occasion put it totally out of production as shown by the attached two photos.  Both the photos are stamped on the back Massey-Harris Co., Westhoven so they are a real treasure.

After the war some restoration of the Westhoven plant was undertaken and it then largely undertook a role of producing roller chain for the British M-H factoies.  The factory was subsequently closed and this production transferred to a new M-H factory established at Eschwege.

You can read more detail on the German factories in "A Global Corporation" by E.P.

Near my old home on the oustskirts of Manchester, England the first M-H factory in the UK in Trafford Park industrial estate was hit by German incendiary bombs in the war but the damage was survived by the plant.


OOPs - sorry - one of the photos is marginally too large to load - AGAIN!!!!! - what a nuisance this is