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MasseyH - (5/6/2013 5:25:25 AM)
RE:Thank You - IOWA Chapter!!!
Hi Jerry,
You are absolutely correct!!  Since I was not on the Board at the time and the website was in terrible disarray and I didn’t get the letter, there probably was a lack of appreciation for the efforts Missouri put forth! With that in mind, let me reprint (with permission) from the July/August 2011 Clipper newsletter the challenge put forth by the Missouri Chapter and my response.
“The Missouri Chapter is issuing this challenge to the other clubs and chapters. In addition to the individual members donations to the design a completely new web-site, the Missouri Chapter has donated from their treasury $10.00 per member for a total of $600 dollars to the Massey Collectors Association for the redesign and future maintenance of the web-site.  We believe there is no better use of our money than to further the future of the Massey Collectors Association and certainly the computer and the internet is the present and the future.  So we challenge the other chapters to step forward and do the same or more. What better way can you find to spend your accumulated funds????”
It is great to not only see chapters taking it upon themselves to recognize the financial struggles of the national organization but their willingness to do something about it!  Thanks to all the Missouri officers and members for your kind generosity.  Your gift will definitely help offset the operations and upkeep of the MCA website. We hope other chapters will pick up your challenge.
We continually look for donations for the website so if you like what you see maybe this will encourage you to help support this fun and informative site.
Thank you Missouri Massey Collectors for your gift and thank you to all who have donated to the website.
Checks can be made payable to:
(in memo note: MCA Website)
Mike Jones
7135 N Co Rd 300 W
Lizton, IN 46149
…and to make the pot even sweeter, when I see you at Massey Days I will give you a great big juicy kiss and a monster hug.  It doesn’t get any better than that!!  LOL!! 
Thanks Jerry.