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MasseyH - (1/14/2014 3:19:28 PM)
RE:Howard Hill Passes

That is an excellent question.  I really did not want to share it but...

The funeral director wrote the obituary.

Where did he get his information?  He got it from your very own MCA Clipper Newsletter!!

As many of you know, Howard wrote some excellent articles for the MCA Clipper Newsletter over the years.  As he began writing them, he wrote an introductory article called "Who is Howard Hill".  It was more to legitimize how he knew so much about the Perkins and Ferguson tractors.

If you knew Howard, you would know he was a very private person.  Obviously, there must have been some home issues with his children and they moved away and did not stay in touch.

So the funeral director was able to write his obituary from the information that was provided through your MCA Clipper Newsletter and what little information Howard's late wife's attorney could bring to the table and what little could be gleaned from her obituary.

To say the least, it has not been a fun week here trying to help the funeral home and the attorneys provide a respectable final chapter in a lonely man's life.  He died not knowing how many people really cared about him.

We can only hope others do not meet with the same fate.

Thank you Howard for what you contributed to MCA and the knowledge base of our members.  You will not be forgotten.  May you rest in Peace!

Hope this answers your question, Jerry!