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MasseyH - (1/20/2014 6:07:18 PM)
RE:Searching old posts

Hi Wayne,

Well it is obvious we don't use the search button much!!  No one had ever said it did not work!!  With all the posts and the numerous threads we have, I am surprised it has not been used.

Anyway, you will be glad to hear the search button within the discussion pages seems to be fixed and seems to be working well.  I even found your initial post using the search button!!

I also used it on a variety of other things and everything came up as I expected!!

This will be much easier to find those thoughts we had three years ago!!

Thanks again for bringing it to our attention and thanks again the Brenden for making it work!!
PLEASE NOTE: the search button on the Home page is good for searching information within the general structure of the web site information.  Example: you can search the word “Rushville” and the 2014 MENA show will pop up announcing the show in Rushville.  You must go into the Discussion Forum to search items within the forum.
Hope this helps a little.