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MasseyH - (12/25/2012 8:55:14 PM)
Hi John,

Well we made it thru Christmas without eating too much food!  But we did do a few things differently than you.  First we did not have to listen to the Queen or the President speak!!  (That was a blessing)  Second, although I gave a tractor tour I did not start any of them,  I thought I would wait until tomorrow to start my MF65 with loader.  Since they are reporting we are to get 10" to 12" of blizzardy snow with 40 mph winds I figured there was no hurry in getting ready to move snow.  It is suppose to be one of the larger blizzards we have had in some time.  With the wind it is hard to tell where all that snow will end up but I can promise that any door that has to be opened will have the biggest snow drifts in front of them.

Please tell Moira that she has that very special touch in decorating tractors!!  The lights look great!!  Isn't it nice to have such supporting wives to helping with our obsessions!!

Hope you both had a Merry Christmas and please stay warm. 

Ho Ho Ho


PS I too hope you have some sun this year and we will take some of that rain!!