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Tseaberg - (11/3/2012 11:33:30 PM)
A trip to Manitoba

Well I just got back from a trip to look at a friend's collection in Manitoba. I started the journey Friday with a short trip north to Jims place to look at his new purchases and projects. As we see very often around here it was snowing during my drive with about 3" on the ground by the time I finished the two hour trip to the border. I spent the night at Jims and the plan was to leave in the morning for Manitoba.  We had another 4 1/2 hour drive north west to do which went by quickly with all the fresh new snow to look at and the speculation of what all we are going to see when we get to our destination. We spent 3 hours looking around at all the stuff and Graham's new house before I needed to start the 400 mile trip home. Overall it was a great trip but it sure was nice to get home and see the glow of all the lights in Fargo. Thanks for the tour Graham and we will be back again!


So here are the pictures. First four are still in ND and the rest from MB.