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MasseyH - (3/1/2013 9:16:04 PM)
Massey Related Books and References
This thread is being re-established from the old web site.  First to see if I can do it and second because it is a great reference tool for any Massey collector.  There are over 58 book reviews copied from the old site.  Some books are out of print but many are still available.  As you read through the comments please keep in mind, John Farnworth from St Ann's Bethesda Wales compiled and critiqued each of the books.  Thank you, John for your tremendous commitment to this effort and your willingness to share it with others.

Of course we will start off with on of his own books that we hope everyone has in their collection!

Massey Legacy Volume 1 

Author:  John Farnworth

ISBN 0 85236 403 2

400 pages
Main chapters:
Key people in company development
A chronology of company development
Company and product promotion
Cultivation equipment
Planting and general field equipment
Agricultural equipment