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MasseyH - (5/18/2013 7:16:53 PM)
French Pony Help Needed
Okay, this is for anyone that might be able to answer!!   Maybe John, Keith, Malcolm or anyone who might know some history about the French Ponys.
My references come from the French book “Tracteurs Pony”  (thanks again John for putting me onto this book!!) and I have already talked to Steve Miller.   We both are scratching our heads!!!
I have two questions:
#1  I have a Massey Ferguson 821 Pony with a Peugeot gas motor.  The serial number is 200805.  Unfortunately in the book on Page #142 it references the 821 only being made in 1959 and 1960.  However, their serial numbers start in 1959 with 525000.  The only serial number around mine would fall under an 820 Diesel from 1958!!  Bottom line – what year was my 821 Pony made and where did you find your information!?!?!?
#2  I know when MH models are numbered here in the States and Canada and then sent over or reproduced in the UK and France the number “8” is added to the model number.  Like the MH 35 SP Combine became the MH 835 SP Combine.  Why, then, was the Massey Ferguson 821, that was made in France, seen in advertising as just the “21” (page #104 and page #111).  I plan to re-decal my 821 that currently says “21” but I find no pics of the 821 with any number designation??  So what gives with the “8” and does the 821 even have the model number shown on the tin work?
Any help will be appreciated!!