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johnfarnworth - (5/18/2012 8:17:07 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Two other things I would like to see are:

Some of the threads from the old site .e.g. the Wallis thread reinstated on this new site.  Surely it must be possible to check the files out for viruses and what have you and re-install them?

MCA members who live in the Racine area to get together and form a group specifically to research and document the history of the Wallis/MH Racine plant.  There must be a lot of personal memories, photos or data to be collected up.  I have raised this at two of the Massey National banquets but it hasnn't been taken up.   Great shame if it isn't taken up as all the folk who worked in that era are sadly fast departing us.  I have done it for the Manchester, Liverpool and Kilmarnock factories here and I can assure you that it is worth doing.

Any chance of Mike P persuading such a venture into existence???

And maybe there are Massey friends out in Australia, S Africa and France who could do the same before it is too late