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MasseyH - (5/24/2012 7:25:22 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Although there is nothing that I am aware that will be for sale, one of the things we will be gearing up for is to have the membership (and others) pay for items thru PayPal.  It might be items we sale or it might be as simple as your annual membership.  Hopefully, once we get that in place it will be easier to make things more readily available to you and others.

Currently I know we have some new MCA patches you mentioned and we have 8 of the 16 MCA DVDs produced and available.  And if someone wants a very rare bottle of MCA water, I can probably find one or two dozen of them as well!!

PayPal is coming out with a small reader called PayPal Here.  It attaches to your smart phone and allows you to pay with a credit/debit card from just about anywhere.  We are awaiting our reader.  (have been since the middle of March!!)

Speaking of buying - there is a very nice home & barn on 23 acres coming to auction next week just down the road from me.  You might want to think about a satellite office for you business. Nice country setting within 20 minutes of an International Airport and 30 minutes to downtown Indianapolis!!.  Right in the middle of the populated USA!!  This place has your name all over it!!

I can help you make it happen.  Just let me know!!