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Challenger man - (7/12/2012 5:07:16 AM)
RE:Iowa Summer Massey show
Hi Kurt &Malcolm
  I was helping get ready for the show last weekend. We finished combining a few acres of windrowed oats with other color red machinery. Several wagons were loaded with oat bundles for thrashing at the show. The straw was raked and baled. This oat stubble field will be used for plowing.So bring your plows with your Massey tractors if you would like to plow a little. If you don't have a plow and would like to plow I will have models 26-27-28&9B plows at Fredericksburg Just let me know. I am not sure how the plowing will work Its SOOOOOOO!!! dry the ground is like cement
.It's not to often you have an Iowa show in your back yard so I'll make sure i have a couple U frame there.
See you at Baraboo