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Alan Harris - (11/1/2013 1:17:07 PM)
RE:Massey plows (ploughs)
That #26 with Kverrnland Boards looks a mean beast.

The #26 in the last pics that I sent is behind my 44 Diesel and 333 on a bit of land that we have. I was just playing.The plow plows very well. i should take it to a competion but I haven't done so yet..In 2011 we were out in Ontario to the IPM. A lot of the guys there were using #26's. The land that they were plowing seemed to me to be very sticky with large stones in it as well as a lot of trash on the surface. It would worry us over here if we had to plow in those conditions.

I would say if there were 40 tractors plowing in a competion there might be 7 or 8 pull type plows competing over here.

You must be very proud to be competing in a match that your Great Grandfather started. We plow with two furrow plows that are mostly 10" wide with a few 12" wide.

When we start we do what we call in Norfolk a split. Turn two furrows away from each other. We then turn them back in and call that a Top.We then plow round twice more to make six furrows. We then "Cast" to the competitor in the next plot with the next higher number than ours. We then plow that out but the last time across the plot must be turned towards our Top. If any of that makes sense. We get four hours to complete our plots. We must be slower. too much talking!!!!