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jwb53 - (11/1/2013 7:25:47 PM)
RE:Massey plows (ploughs)
I have to say that these plow contests, the rules, and the condition of the overturned soil which is considered "good" is still a bit foreign to me.  When I was growing up, we plowed (ploughed) everything in the spring.  The best plowing job for us was one from which you could barely detect the different bottoms/furrows of the plow.  It was laid over smooth, even, and well broken-up, requiring very little extra preparation for planting.  I'm afraid I would dread heading into a field with those well defined and distinct, slowly overturned furrows, and try to make a good seed bed from it...

I guess I just grew up in a different time.

Nonetheless, I enjoy seeing the old tractors hooked up to the old plows and doing what they were made to do.  I am still looking for an opportunity to put this combination into the dirt and see what I kind of good plowing job I can produce!  Of course, it will be better when I get the cab off and the proper fenders (mud guards) in place.  My farmer no-tills everything, and I proved a couple of years ago that moldboard plowing ahead of the large no-till planter just doesn't work out very well...