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Todd - (11/11/2013 5:04:51 PM)
RE:Massey 44 Special rearend seal replacement help
I just repaired mine last week so it is still fresh in my head. Pull the outer cover off and there will be a snap ring on the inner shaft, Remove it and you can pull the gear off. There are threaded holes in the gear if you need a puller to get it off. Next if you look down the shaft there is a larger snap ring holding the pto cluth in place. Do not remove the bolts around the outside of the clutch or there will be balls and springs falling everywhere. The pto clutch should pull off the shaft once the snap ring is removed,(and live pto linkage) but if everything is full of oil, grease, brake dust..... this may take some effort. Again there is a snap ring holding the brakes in place. Remove the snap ring and brake assembly( after removing the brake linkage). Drain the oil out of the trans/rear axle. Now you can pull the nuts holding the remaining bracket that held the brake assembly. There are 2 seals on the back side of the bracket. The remaining outer shaft should pull out and there is another seal in that also. I hope this helps, I couldn,t find any service info on this either. I also had to take the pto clutch apart to clean the oil off the disks and rough them up a little with a scuff pad.I got the seals from Kessels massey parts and they were an exact fit. Any questions call Todd at 920 849-7388