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MasseyH - (12/19/2012 8:30:09 PM)
RE:New Addition!!
Attached below are some pics of the sign before it was completed.  The sign was a painted sign (not porcelain) so someone had hand painted it years ago.  The sign was completely striped and then had a black base powdercoating applied to it.  Lettering was applied and then the whole sign was clear coated to protect everything.
The neon was completely remade and applied using the original transformer that was in the sign since it still worked.  I thought it was important to keep as much original as possible.  If it ever fails it can be replaced.
The sign was made by the Diskey Advertising and Service Company in Marion, Indiana.  They continue to operate but have moved their headquarters in Ft Wayne, IN.  The sign was originally sold to a dealership North Central Kansas.  From there it found its way into two different collections before it came back home again in Indiana last June.