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johnfarnworth - (7/11/2012 12:56:28 AM)
RE:MH Racine Plant
Well done Gary and I hope you get them.

By this activity you have self nominated yourself to become the CHIEF historian for the Racine plant and we look forward to you organising a group around those parts to gather in all the history. WELL DONE and three cheers to success in the venture.

There just have to be a lot of old ex employees in the vicinity who have a wealth of information.   Might I suggest for starters some letters or articles in local papers to attract attention to the cause.  Now Mike Popp must surely be the prime candidate for being your local assistant - and I am sure that there are others.  I know that it is a long haul to success but it can be a fascinating venture as I found when I researched our MH factories.

Then the Detroit and Btavia plants need documenting - at one of the Massey banquets some chap said he would get in touch with me with a load of info and photos but it sadly came to nothing.  This is not unusual when you are on these quests in my experience, and in the end a relative few will turn out to be helpful and useful

And I don't exempt the Canadian MH men from this task either - they have some treasures to recall - Toronto, Brantford, Weston plants etc etc.