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johnfarnworth - (7/31/2012 12:07:43 PM)
Ferguson P3
We have discussed on here Massey Harris tractors fitted with Perkins P6 six cylinder diesel engines, but perhaps not too many of you in North America will know of the Perkins P3 three cylinder engines that were quite widely fitted into Ferguson tractors over here after their original engines had expired, or farmers simply wanted to change to a more economic diesel engine. 

Here is a picture of my Ferguson TE 20 serial number 7053 1947 tractor which would originally have been fitted with a Continental engine.  As you can see I have it fitted with original Ferguson open type steel rear wheels.

The P3 engine was essentially half of a P6 engine and had a magical sound to it just like the P6 has.  Quite frankly all Fergusons  - both sides of the Atlantic - should have been fitted with these engines.  They were superb luggers and very quiet for an early diesel engine.  They were also good starters.  As you can see the bonnet was raised about 3-4 inches due to the height of the engine and the radiator was also similarly raised.  Ferguson never supplied these engines, they were an after market offering by Perkins which included the engine, bonnet and dashboard risers and sundry other items includng the fuel filters.

The only downside to a converted tractor was that, apparently, due to the slightly raised center of gravity they were not quite as stable on cross slopes.

The Perkins P3 engine evolved into the hugely successful Perkins A3. 152 used in later MF 35 and 135 tractors as well as many other models