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johnfarnworth - (8/6/2012 7:41:41 AM)
RE:Ferguson P3
As further explanation of what I have written so far on the Ferguson tractor with P3 engine conversion here are two further photos.

One shows the bonnet (hood!) riser piece which lifts the bonnet by about 4 inches.  You can also see the narrow space for your knuckles to pass between the bonnet and steering wheel, but as I mentioned I widened this space to a full 2 inches by fixing the bonnet riser piece as far forward as possible and to only just sit on the dashboard.

The other shows the very early gearbox type fitted on our very early Ferguson TE tractors.  This one is an early 1947 model serial number only 7053.  Notice the distinct "bulge" on the side of the gearbox for what reason I am not sure.  Did you have similar style gearboxes on your early TO Fergusons?  My Dad's tractor was no. 39615 of 1948 vintage and had the later box so somewhere inbetween they were changed