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JoeP - (8/31/2012 8:22:23 AM)
Introduction & Challenger questions
I am a new member here and would like to introduce myself. My name is Joe Prindle and I reside in Baraboo, WI. I grew up with Massey Harris tractors, the first one I learned to run was a Challenger that has been in the family since new. A couple of pics of it and some scans of literature are to be found here:
I am rounding up parts and information to restore a Challenger I bought when I was in High School, got running, then lost interest and sold it to a fellow named Mike Popp, who some of you probably know. A few years ago Mike brought the tractor to our spring swap meet and I bought it back from him.

I recently picked up all new sheet metal from Mr. Ervin Chew and am hoping that you folks can answer some questions....

Starting at the front of the machine.... Any tips on how to rebuild the water pump? That spherical seal is unlike anything I am familiar with.

How about the fan belt, anyone care to share the dimensions or a part number?

Head and manifold gaskets? Tom Underwood didn't have any. I would like to know if anyone is making them before I go to it. I don't like the gaskets made with the sandwich material, I want copper and asbestos. If I get them made would anyone else want some?

What type of material is used to make the pads that the gas tank sets on?

Oil pressure gage? Anyone got a suitable replacement or know what the range and normal operating pressure should be?

Shifter boot? Is there a replacement available?

What about the steering wheel? Is anyone recovering them or are good repros available?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, got a 10-20 titan and an 8-16 mogul to finish before I start on the Challenger (actually 2 Challengers) but I like to have all the materials rounded up before starting.

Thanks so much,