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jwb53 - (9/5/2012 8:01:47 PM)
RE:Introduction & Challenger questions
Todd, I was caught by the similarity in the story of your grandparents Challenger.  My Grandpa had a green Challenger that he traded for a 1951 M-H 44.  The way my Dad told the story, they were baling hay with the Challenger when the dealer delivered the 44 to the farm.  They unhooked the Challenger from the baler, and put the 44 on it.   Even though they had "traded" the Challenger for the 44, the dealer left the Challenger there on the farm.  My Dad then retraded the Challenger on a Farmall H.  Not to worry about that.  Dad got his 1953 M-H 44 a few years later, and when I was around 6 years old, he traded the Farmall H for a Ford Jubilee, which I subsequently took to the fields as a young lad.  I am fortunate to have in my collection that very 44 of my Grandpa's, and that Ford Jubilee, which has never left this farm since my Dad bought it.