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MalcolmRobinson - (7/2/2012 2:49:45 PM)
RE:MCA Website Picture Up-Date.
Hello Joe,

I must congratulate you on your writing efforts, you had me paying "full attention" for a few seconds until the story got too good to be true, (I am sure Jo must of had a little to do with this wind up as well as Tom) You know what the old saying is here "every dog has his day, sometimes has to wait a while" so be on gaurd!!! Anyway didn't quite get get to lifting off my chair but very close to it. Even thought the farm track was just like one I took you on across our land, would be nice to think a 12-20 Orchard was just sitting in the weeds just like the remains of an old M-H grain binder we found last year when John was visiting and we were out hunting
When do we expect to see "Wallis Bedtime Stories" in the bookshops????

Your photoshop skills are doing well too Joe, you are multi talented and a multi tasker now both in the office, kitchen and workshop, what shall we see you up to next??

Anyway back to the 12-20 Orchard, it flipped through my mind was it the ex Yuma one has that had full fender skirts on and a very nice original example like yours, have you heard a progress report on it from it's new home in Michigan?