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JoePoncelet - (7/2/2012 8:40:52 PM)
RE:MCA Website Picture Up-Date.

I hope I did not irritate you too bad on that story and you will still talk to me after that, I figured you would catch on quick that it was too good to be true with a serial # like that. Sometime things do happen like this though, when you are not looking for them thats when you find them.

The great adventure of this tractor thing is the hunt, but one can't get too frusterated when the hunt comes up empty handed, the best part is the suspence but it is also nice to see a happy ending like a rare tractor riding home on your trailer.

About a year ago I was on a lead of a Wallis Cub I found in a picture in a book from a short story a fella in Iowa wrote thirty years ago, I looked his name up on the internet and found a phone number and called him to see what happend to the Cub he had in the picture he said it sold on his dads auction just a couple years ago and he would get back to me if he could figure out where it went. An hour later he called me back and said it did not sell on the auction but was sold before the auction and went to a man in Texas. He did not know who it was but he said the serial number was # 1565, I laughed and said that it was sitting in my shed. He could not believe it!! He said he had never heard the tractor run but it was loose and in good shape when they had it. This is the tractor that Dick Carroll got from Donald Sell and restored it as you know it today. For a while I was excited to be on the hunt for another Cub but was let down when I found out it was one I already had.

I haven't heard anything on the Wallis 12-20 Orchard that went to Michigan but I am sure he still has it in his line up. I hope he did not paint it as it was very cool looking just the way it was.