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johnfarnworth - (8/1/2013 1:17:45 AM)
RE:MH baler

At the risk of upsetting today's modern day engineers all I can say is that metrication was an unecessary abomination and absurd imposition on the whole of humanity.  After all, you folks got to the moon using yards, feet and inches.  Metrication was supposed to make our yougsters more arithmetically competent but in this regard it has been a disastrous failure.  Metrication has brought about a generation of arithemetic no-hopers simply because they don't have to think as much i.e. dumbing down - the curse of the modern world.

As for a left handed metric wrench - well anything metric deserves to be wrenched!

Metrication was of course good business for spanner makers and contributed somewhat to inflation no doubt.  I suppose too that the Joe's of this world benefitted from scooping up bins of redundant Imperial measurment spanners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!