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johnfarnworth - (1/3/2013 2:09:18 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20
Some time ago Tom S and Joe P were in contact with me regarding the correct PTO shield for a 12-20.  Tom wanted to get copies made but they had no pattern.  Joe told Tom I had one on my spare parts shelves.  I initially deneid this but then he produced photo evidence from his visit here!  I went to look for it but it wasn't there.  Then a day or two later I recalled having thrown it on my scrap heap because it didn't look Massey related.  It had initially come to me tied to the Wallis 12-20 I had imported from Missouri but it looked like a home made bodge.

Anyway I retireved it from the scrap heap and sent measurements to Tom and Joe.

In the meantime I have re-fitted it to the Wallis 12-20 so here are a couple of photos of it.  Note how a slot is cut out of the shield to accomodate the seat spring.  Joe says he has only ever seen one other original fitted to a tractor.