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johnfarnworth - (2/1/2013 7:00:59 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20

As I have noted before on this site my Grandfather used to test equipment for M-H because the farm was almost next door to the factory.

He had the first 12-20 in the UK to be issued on rubber wheels and I remember it well working in my youth - in fact I drove it a little when it waspulling a trailer picking up sheaves.  Just the job for a young lad as there was no need for long legs to reach a foot clutch and it only had to be on tickover to inch forward to successive stooks of sheaves.  I think I am also right in recalling that I may have used it for pulling the potato spinner which again was easy for a lad as the tractor followed the potato drill.  I can't however recall who were the makers of the cast wheel centres fitted both front and rear.

This tractor did an enormous amount of work on the farms through the seasons and was partnered by at least two green Challengers and a green 25, and also apparently for a short time by a green Pacemaker tho' I don't recollect that one.  There was also a Wallis 20-30 which apparently was sold before I was born.  All the tractors went to the scrap man as times moved on for them to be replaced by Fergusons and Fordsons, then MFs and David Browns

How I curse scrap men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least Joe has a preservation mind!!!