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MalcolmRobinson - (2/27/2013 2:43:31 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20
1936 was certainly an interesting year in the U frame Massey development, we all think of the introduction of the Green unstyled Pacemaker making it's appearance that year with the few changes in design etc, an extra 4th gear in the new style gearbox, introduction of the vee fan belt, much improved water pump now placed on the front of the engine block, improved Kingston governor, speed butterfly now in the Kingston carburetor, round spoke front steel wheels, steering box positioned differently, smaller toolbox re positioned on top of gearbox with gear positions marked in raised letters on lid, new style seat mounting springs, round screw on radiator cap etc

We see all these features on the Green Pacemakers, but if you take a close look at early literature for this New Model the photographs show some features from the 12-20's, including the iconic flip over radiator cap and flat spoke front steel wheels.

Over the years I have always been looking for a Green PA with these early features and only ever heard of three tractors with these, one such tractor appeared here in UK at the Malvern Indoor tractor show in 2012 of which I had heard about from Lyn Jones who imported the tractor a few years ago, the tractor is now owned by Dale Edwards who has sent me these excellent photographs below to share with you all, he has been following this thread with great interest but unfortunately cannot contribute due to the restrictions to members.

Anyway please enjoy Dale's tractor, to me it is just a lovely tractor which retains a lot of it's working life character, he also enjoys working and using it too which enhances the tractor too.
One of the others tractors I saw with these early features was on the famous Ebay site a few years ago in Western Canada with a very high starting price, does any one on here know of it's current statues?