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JoePoncelet - (2/27/2013 7:12:54 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. It really makes it look even older with the top of the fenders off, you don't see them that way very often. I am guessing the fenders may have been bent up badly so they were just removed?? Either way it looks very cool that way.

Do you think that it was sold new with the flip cap? Being it is red now and looks to have been for many years I am guessing it was repainted sometime in it's life, Possibly it may have recieved an older radiator top at that time? Do you know what the serial # is? Was it built late in 1936 enough to sprout the new 1937 Red colors?

I do remember seeing that one on ebay some time back but don't remember if it sold or not.

I wish I could do something about getting Dale on here to contribute to the chatter but it is not up to me, it was an MCA decision that was made to keep out unwanted spammers and I can't blame them on that one because it does happen.

The only other way to get Dale on here is talk him into joining the MCA........ It may sound like alot of money for him but in todays day from where you are located it is probly the same price as 3-4 gallons of fuel. That is enough to keep a tractor idoling for about 1 day but put the money toward the MCA and it will keep you going all year long!!  Just a thought....

Either way I am glad he participated through you as I look foward to imput like this, it makes my day....