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johnfarnworth - (2/27/2013 7:21:02 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris 12-20

Those mudguards interested me too.

Why?  Because they are in exactly the same condition as the red Pacemaker I bought at my great uncle's retirment sale and which you have seen both in the flesh and on the family tractor thread.  In my case I can vouch for the fact that they had simply rotted away in the acid air of industrial Manchester.  In fact come to think of it my Grandfather's U frames went the same way - see the pic I posted of his 25-40.  Maybe it was a specific weakness of the quality of MH tin?  I can imagine the sotty acid air depsoiting on the flat surface of the mudguards but less so on the verticla section - hence they survived more.  The air quality was so bad in hose days that even barbed wire would rot in about 5 years.

I had a word with Lyn Jones and he advised me that the tractor originally came from the Candian Prairies.  It is most unusual for such rot there - a feature of Prairie origin tractors is usually the excellent quality of their tinwork.

Here is a pic of my Pacemaker as I bought it in 1968 - WOW 45 years ago!!!  It was the second tractor I ever acquired - the first only a few days earlier was my wide front green Challenger

I should perhaps add that bonnets could rot away on the U frames over here too.  Those on my wide front green Challenger and single front green Challenger had almost gone to dust.  Of course the original bonnets are very thin. My red Pacemekr bonnet was also on the way out.  But ones I have had from N America have been very good.