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DougCarlaw - (1/15/2013 10:27:12 PM)
RE:New Years Day Start up and Road Run.
    Thanks for your help Gary. I hope these photos work.
    Looking at some of the New Years start up photos they look more like a spring outing! Here the only time one of the old tractors get started is if there is a Christmas Light Up parade. This year I was asked to transport Santa in the local parade. We usually use one of the tractors that is in need of a paint job as lighting them up is hard on the paint. So this year we decorated our 201 as it is scheduled to get new side panels installed and paint job this spring. Early December the weather wasn't too bad and we had a good time. But all that work for a twenty minute parade meant we left everything in tact so that the family could have a hay ridde when they were home for Christmas. Everything is now put away until Spring comes in a few months.