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DougCarlaw - (1/19/2013 11:50:34 AM)
RE:New Years Day Start up and Road Run.
Hi Drew - This outfit is fully mobile. All of the lights are LED. The lights on the wheels are battery powered (3 or 4 AAA). I salvaged some old cages off of some barn exhaust fans and attached them to the rear wheels in order to string the lights to them. The 201 has a 12 volt generator so I clip an inverter to the battery in order to run the 50 or 60 Christmas lights on the tractor which was a full load along with the head lights. The bundle wagon has a small gen set to power those lights. If I run a 6 volt tractor I'll just set a 12 volt battery on the platform to connect to the inverter. Like I said earlier you don't want to hang lights on a restored tractor as the process can be hard on a paint job. A lot of work but fun anyway. Don't other communities out there have light up parades at Christmas?        Doug