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MasseyH - (4/24/2013 10:59:07 AM)
RE:Another Duane Drohman Auction
Hi Malcolm,

Unfortunately, one K is enough!! Wish I could have been there.  I did talk to Tub last night and he was very pleased with the auction.  He, too, thought the six MH 44s lined up where pretty neat!! The only tractor he was somewhat disappointed in was the Super 90 LP.  He said he "lost" money on it!!  Of course, if you know Tub, he remembers every tractor, where it came from, what he paid for it and when he bought it!! 

He also said the weather was great - near 60 and sunny for the auction.  It went south after that. He said it did not get above 35 yesterday.  I can appreciate that since it is about that in Indiana today with snow trying to blow around!!

He said there were over 500 people registered for the auction.  And they came from everywhere!!  It was a much better auction that the first one, so it appears.

I warned him that this auction is nothing compared to when he sells the "good stuff"!! He laughed!!