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Bob_Lynn - (4/24/2013 5:34:09 PM)
RE:Another Duane Drohman Auction

The one 101 Super that wasn't Tub's and was a little tough. No fenders, No side panels, bent and rusty hood and fuel tank, wrong rear wheels,etc. $1000 was probably plenty.

I helped run up the 44 High Altitude but didn't come up with last bid. I was interested in a couple others but never but never jumped in. I guess  it wasn't my day to buy a tractor.

It was an enjoyable day none the less. Saw some old friends, made some new friends and hauled a nice stub nosed 59 Chevy straight truck to my place for one of them. It was like pulling a sailboat heading into the stiff east wind.

Pedal to the metal, both uphill and downhill.