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MasseyH - (1/15/2013 3:50:02 PM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine

Hi John!!

So how bad do you want a M5 Stuart tank???  I found one for sale in California.  Runs, clean, used regularly in reenactments.  And it is only a mere $245,000.00.( that would be USD!!)   I will see if I can get you a pair if you want!!  There is also a M5A1 Stuart in Hawaii for only $249,900.00!!  Almost twins!!

We just missed a M24 Chaffee. It was also running, working and ready for war!! It sold for $295,000.00 in Florida. 

I guess they are out there but the best I will ever do is my nice original M24 tool bag and possibly a couple of models!!

Ony had a great idea!!  I find them, you buy them and then put me in your will so I can get them back!!!.  I would even pay the container fees to get it back over here!!  Now that is a deal!!

Here is the link

I do agree, I think I like the M5 over the M24. Smaller, neater look. Ready for any disagreement that might come along!!