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MasseyH - (5/12/2014 1:44:12 PM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine
Hi John,

Just to get you started again... I stopped in Gas City, Indiana today and what was sitting in front of City Hall!?!?!?  I believe it is a M5 Stuart tank!!!

Here are a few pics.  I will send others to you via email!!  I gentleman that is suppose to know all about the tank was not there but I left my information with the Mayor of the city and he said he would get my info to the guy!!  The Mayor was pumped that someone even took the time to stop and ask about the tank and knew something about it! (Not much on my part) but he did not even  know what it was!!

Without climbing all over it, I looked for anything that might have had a MH casting but found nothing.  I did get a couple pics of the inside but nothing great there either.  Some of the castings did look very familiar with the Massey parts casting numbers but I would guess they all looked about the same.

I was surprised to see how small they really were.  I think I could even get one on my trailer!!  

When I get more info I will post it!!