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johnfarnworth - (1/23/2013 12:31:59 PM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine

That's a neat little tag - I must look in my tank bag to see if I got one too.  Never opened it.

I found a tank over here recently in full working order and used at re-enactments.  There were two problems though.  Firstly, the chap couldn't positively confirm that it was made by M-H and not Cadillac - in fact he doesn't know how to tell who made them and this is a nut that I haven't yet cracked.  It would be folly to purchase a non M-H tank even though they are precisely the same as the Cadillac made ones.  I wouldn't want a Cadillac sitting in my M-H collection.  Over here we call them "caddys" which can also mean a small box for keeping your loose tea leaves in!

The second problem was price.  £220,000 = about 341,000 dollars.  But it is a very nice one, one of only four in the UK and I have my tank consortium members thinking about it.  We live in hope.  It would be a pity to miss it and it was ono (or near offer) so could maybe get it down a bit.  They say it would be a help if a decent quantity of ammunition came with a deal as quite a few of them have issues with politicians and local officials!!

Thanks also for your congratulations the other day on reaching 200 contributions - we try to do our best but I see that M-H in the east has now jumped into the lead!  He must have nothing to do in this bitter cold spell we are experiencing!