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johnfarnworth - (1/27/2013 6:07:05 AM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine
I believe that you are correct on both counts Gary as far as I can tell from the photos.  The back row I am uncertain of but they look the same size as the Stuarts at the front.

Yes indeed it would be a tremendous experience to either (preferably) own one or drive one!  To have one of those parked with MH tractors in the shed and one of the old M-H factory water towers outside would be a dream come true - we must continue dreaming on!!!  Dreams have a habit of coming true with a modicum of luck. 

Nice to have an M-H windmill too to fill the water tank??  Has anyone ever identified one of these standing around on farms in Canada or the US??  Another search neede by MCA mambers far and wide please.  What manufacturers or MH plates did these have on them?